REIG - 7062 - Guitare En Bois - 75 Cm [00118585] - €26.83 : Peluches, Guitares et instruments à cordes, Fournitures scolaires, Homme, Change de Bébé, Déguisements et accessoires -

REIG - 7062 - Guitare En Bois - 75 Cm


Économie : 42% de remise
Descriptif produit: Spanish Wooden like a real instrument. Métal strings.
Age minimum : 3 mois

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A beautifully made Wooden Spanish guitar for children from Reig toys. With 6 metal strings making beautiful music has never been easier. Made form high quality wood. this wonderful guitar is 75cm in length. They say that music is the universal language. Regardless of where you are from or what your background. a good melody is something that everyone can enjoy and understand. There must be something behind that. right For children. music provides many. many benefits. Experts agree. there are lots of good things about letting your child learn to play an instrument. From boosting their memory. confidence and social skills to boosting brain power and patience. kids will also love learning to play an instrument. allowing them to unleash their creative skills. This high quality instrument is super durable and beautifully finished. making it the perfect way for your child to learn. The bright and funky designs will appeal to children visually before you know it they ll be putting on shows for you!

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